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  • Composed and diligently managed multilateral marketing campaigns across numerous products and services throughout EMEA & APAC regions.


  • Ensured all campaigns (ATL, BTL, Digital, Mobile, Live) prepared the landscape for sales, lead generation, client acquisition and customer retention, as well as industry ‘Thought Leadership’ positioning.


  • Designed and implemented market research programmes, utilising a variety of technologies and methodologies, analysing the data for customer insight and market trends (i.e. LTV etc) to help increase ROI including competitor analysis.


  • Brand guardianship. Composed distinctive yet flexible message / propositions to diverse prospect/client base, whose needs varied from industry-to-industry, dept-to-dept, region-to region.


  • Launched and managed online strategies, Micro-websites, Blogs, Web-content, Webinars, Social Media participation. Aligning them with other marketing initiatives i.e. D/M, customer education, whitepapers etc.


  • Combined Marketing with PR strategies, leveraging multiple channels for message development and market proposition ensuring business goals were met and results tracked, measured and analysed.


  • Worked in a fast-paced environment, multi-tasking between priorities and demands, adapting to different working environments and/or time zones inc varying departmental promotional / communication needs.


  • Multilingual with international experience, having worked overseas for interim periods at short notice inc. regular over seas travel.


  • Have managed teams, stakeholders, investors and suppliers across multiple geographies, inc. sourcing and managing 3rd party agencies, monitoring agreed aims and contractual obligations.


  • Possess strong business acumen, with the tenacity for problem solving in a creative steadfast manner.

An experienced and strategic marketer specialising in multi-channel, integrated marketing campaigns across sectors and regions


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