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Campaigns & Work Samples


Multilateral campaign for Lead Generation and Brand enhancement. Targeting two diverse audience groups under one theme


Branding and Messaging with Sales collateral / proposition for international events

Orange Modern Building

New Product / Platform Service launch - Customer profiling, Email campaign + Sponsorship inc ROI stats

Market Research

Customer footprint & Competitor dash-board. Composed after an intensive market research programme to offer a 360 degree holistic view of the market.

Market Research

Market Research sample / working doc. Led to the production of the Customer Path & Competitor Dash-Board

Marketing plan

1st draft of a marketing plan - Budgets + Channels

Press Release

Press Release sample. Award win, having submitted the org to said Award

Copywriting and Content Marketing

Copy writing sample. Engaged by the LSE for market research. I was then asked to produce a small written piece about it

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