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Digital Mind


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Strategic - Growth
& Realignment - Marketing.

Available for:

-  Marketing Strategy

-  Campaign Mgmt

-  Business Intelligence

-  Brand / Messaging

-  Customer Profiling

-  Sales Collateral

-  PR / Media / Content



07939 206 497



"Annamaria has the ability to galvanise people's energies with enthusiasm and passion, yet is microscopic with details.


She is a natural warm person with the ability of getting straight to the heart of the matter, following things through and pushing beyond the initial goals and aims.  She is a true people person empowering all to work together."



"I don't, 'wear my heart on my sleeve' though I am passionate about my work.


What people see as 'tenacity' I describe it as 'commitment'. 


I've learnt that there are balances to everything and not everyone is the same, though laziness is a malaise I will never forgive."



- Increased customer acquisition by 180%

- Enhanced website visits by 354%

- Augmented market share by 41%

- Led company 15% above its peer group

- Reduced marketing costs whilst 

  increasing sales leads by over 300%

- Managed and mitigated negative PR

- Successful delivery of a Brand re-launch


- Produced a coherent and seamless 

  Brand extension

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